Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I do not have anything new but I just saw the trailer for the new Michael Moore movie which is called Sicko. I plan on seeing it and got a good laugh at some of the scenes in the trailer so I thought you all might like to see it.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

More runaround

I finally got my computer on Friday, June 8. It arrived without a monitor though. I guess they neglected to tell us that the monitor was on back order and would not be available to ship until Monday the 11th. So that part arrived this past Thursday. Luckily the monitor from my old computer worked as a temporary fix even though it made everything appear huge on the screen. It took me all weekend I think to figure out how to do things and get everything just the way I like it. And then it took me another day after receiving the monitor to adjust the rest. It has a nice large LCD monitor which allows me to comfortably have several windows open on the screen. The other day I was even able to watch a DVD in the corner while I was checking some e-mail and surfing the Internet.

On Friday night the 8th the low pressure alarm on my ventilator kept going off as I would drift off to sleep. After dealing with that throughout the night called the respiratory company and they had me turn now down the sensitivity on the low pressure. That helped somewhat but then it started doing it again and we tightened up my trachea ties and finally I was able to get some good sleep.

That seemed to be the end of it but then it occurred once or twice throughout the week and several times I woke up either with a headache or short of breath and also I was having difficulty talking properly. So on Friday I called my doctor and the first thing they say is to have the company check it again (the vent). What they sent to the respiratory company said that my ventilator kept shutting off. I don't know how they got that.

Anyway, the company is supposed to come and check it out again on Monday. But in the meantime all of the problems I have been having have have resolved themselves. On this past Friday I was being suctioned and got a considerably large plug out and after this is when I started to feel better. You would think that that would have caused high pressure to go off. I don't know if that was the cause or a coincidence but I am doing much better.

As far as getting my colonoscopy and tags removed I was told by the G.I. doctor that they were not comfortable doing it on me in my area. They recommended I have it done down in Miami at Mount Sinai Medical Center. I think I have a tentative date scheduled for the end of July but I am still not sure what I am doing and if I doing this. I am looking to get more information as to what type of risk it is that they are or I am looking at. I don't know if they are just being overly cautious because of the muscular dystrophy or if there is something else. This is something I am going to be finding out before I decide to do anything.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Catching Up

First of all, my father was released from the hospital on the 24th after a heart catheterization found no blockage. He was sent home on blood pressure medication and cholesterol lowering medication. He is now back to his normal activities and now both himself and my mother have stopped smoking. They did remarkably well during the first week using the patch and nicotine gum. But this weekend they were starting to get a little irritable. Still there doing a lot better than the last two times they tried. On Sunday the 27th we ordered a new computer which is to be my birthday gift. Seeing it has not arrived yet it will be a belated birthday gift but I am quite excited about it. It is a great price for such a fast computer. It is using the fastest chip that is made by AMD at the moment. That is due to arrive at the end of the week. On Friday which was my birthday (June 1st) I went out for the evening. We left the house (one of my nurses, a friend of hers and myself) around 3:30 in the afternoon and went to Ruby Tuesday for lunch/dinner. I had my usual which is Creole catch which is just grilled tilapia which comes with rice which I always replace with mashed potatoes. It was delicious. I think I only had one bad meal at the place. My nurse had a BLT and her friend just ate from the salad bar. Altogether the total was only $40, not bad for three meals. After dinner we headed for a local strip club. The last time I was there all the girls seem to be on drugs but we decided to give the place another chance. This time all the girls seemed to be clean. It was still rather early when we arrived and I was not very impressed by the girls. They were all rather rough looking. After we were there about an hour they had some girl from Penthouse magazine perform. It was okay but you could tell she really didn't want to be there. It seemed like after that some better looking girls started dancing. There was only one who I would consider gorgeous, a nice Asian girl. I wanted to get a private dance from her but she was pretty popular and busy. So I got one from a very attractive blond girl. Not really much to write about it was just a typical night at a strip club. The whole thing gives rather boring after several times. Which is why I only go once in awhile not to mention money. It was an early night though we were back home by a little after 9 PM. I had a good time though. I currently don't have any plans yet for the next several weeks besides playing with my new toy. Also, I am still working on getting the colonoscopy and tags removed. I keep calling the doctor's office to make sure documents were faxed. Seems like a bit of a run around but am closer to getting things resolved. Hopefully it will not be as long before my next post.

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