Monday, April 7, 2008

Live Like You Were Dying

I had a really great day yesterday and thought I would share it with you all. I started my day at about 6 a.m. with my morning medications and breakfast. I had the most delicious breakfast. Because of my condition I sometimes have trouble swallowing so if I am eating a food I know gives me trouble I have to purée it. I mention this because I used to love an omelette with kickers from Domino's pizza but when I lost some swallowing they would get stuck in my throat choking me. I'd assume puréeing would be rather disgusting in this case but was pleasantly surprised. It gave the eggs a lot of flavor and actually made them moister which gave me an easier time when eating. This might sound mundane but for someone in my situation and it means a lot to find another enjoyable food I can actually eat. After breakfast and a nice bath it was time to head to church. This week was part 2 of a four-part series on living like you were dying. I'm sure you have all heard the song by Tim McGraw. Part two was all about speaking sweeter and the effects that our words have on each other. Also that we need to choose our words carefully because they can either build someone up or care someone down. It was a very good service that made a lot of good points. At the end they interviewed (on a video) a man with ALS talking about how he regrets the bad things he said in his past and not seeing more good things especially when it came to his wife. It was very moving and I'm sure quite a few people needed tissues afterwards. After church we took Emma (our one year old Boston terrier) to a place downtown called city place. It's basically an outdoor marketplace but with very expensive stores. A great place to walk around especially since it was such a beautiful day. This was the first time we have ever taken her to such a place so it took her a little while to calm down. I think she couldn't figure out why it reasonable person she saw wasn't paying attention to her. She kept trying to fight the leash to go over to people. Also she kept trying to chase pigeons. At one point my dad left my mom and me with Emma while he walked over to the Starbucks to get some coffee. The dog started crying like someone died or something. After that she seemed to calm down and several people came up to ask about her. Mostly older couples. I told her afterwards she needed to get younger females to come over. I'm sure this was not the most exciting posts but it has been so long since I've posted I felt the need to write something to get back in the habit.

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