Thursday, February 28, 2008

A Return From A Long Hiatus From Blogging

I have not quite felt moved to write a blog entry in months. I am finally up to it and will probably be brief because several things have happened since my last real entry. I don't want to go into great detail on every little thing.

I guess the biggest thing that happened is that a friend of mine died two weeks ago tomorrow. Some of you may know him if you live local to me. Richard Barrera died the day after turning 39 years old. He succumbed to Beckers Muscular Dystrophy. He was unfortunately the type of person who would not take any measures to prolong his life. He had got much weaker over the past year or two and was pretty much confined to his house which is out of character for him. He was always going out and doing things. He recently was having trouble swallowing and after a swallow study was told nothing was going down correctly. On top of that he was having severe constipation. Several weeks before he died he started with hospice. He called me before hand and we were able to say goodbye. I tried to call him twice afterwards. The first time he had just taken some morphine and was out of it and could only speak for a few moments. And the second time he had already lapsed into a coma. But someone held the phone to his ear so I could speak and hopefully he heard me. I think maybe two days later he had passed. I will miss him greatly since he was a great friend. When things like this happen it makes you appreciate just how short our lives or so I vow to live my life to the fullest.

I can only remember two things I have done in the past few months off the top of my head but I am sure I have done more. The weekend before Christmas I spent the night at the Seminole Hard Rock Casino. We had a great time but we still did not see the entire place. We played some slots and I played some poker (which I did better at than at the slots). I lost $50 but that is actually not that bad for my skill level. We were exhausted by 11 at night so went to bed before getting to check out any of their nightclubs.

Most recently I went to a street painting art festival in downtown Lake Worth. I am always seen stories about it after the fact but now have finally gotten to see it. They have all sorts of people using chalk to do grinds on the street. It was a very nice day and some of the artwork was actually pretty good. Well that is all I can think of to write for now but hopefully will have some new adventures before long to write about.

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